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Thank you for visiting The Big Kitchen, a dedicated supplier of a wide range of fully cooked, frozen or chilled, meat products and cooked sausages to the Foodservice sector. Please take a look at the range on our ‘products’ pages and contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Our products are available from wholesalers nationwide. Check out our Where to buy page to find the wholesaler nearest to you.

Chicken Satay is still one of the first platters to clear at any buffet. Our fully cooked chicken and vegetable satays couldn’t be simpler to prepare – either defrost and serve or heat and eat.

Cooked Sausages ...more and more end-users are taking advantage of the benefits offered by using fully cooked sausages. Our sausages can be heated in a microwave in seconds or in the oven in just a few minutes and our Gourmet Selection means that there is no compromise in quality.

Our sausages are also available sliced, ideal for making sandwiches.

Stuffing and Meatballs ...are popular with our pub and restaurant customers offering a simple menu solution, try our new range of meatballs.

Paté ...we have developed a range of user friendly patés in three popular flavours. Slice from frozen, defrost and serve. 

Our products are made in the UK