Cooked Sausages

Our flexible manufacturing facilities and product development knowledge make it possible to make products to your specification.

Examples are:-

  • A customer wanted a bespoke flavour of sausage made to a specific size. Our product development team was able to work with the customer to deliver the required flavour profile. Flexibility in our production process enabled us to meet their size requirement.
  • Another customer was keen to develop their event catering offer. With this in mind we developed a new kebab product that adds a point of difference to platters and proves popular with consumers.
  • The transition from raw to cooked sausage has proven very successful with the pub and bar sector.  It gives a quicker prep time (just heat and serve), ease of use (already cooked) and safety with minimal cook loss.  This allows consistent quality to the customer every time without the need for compromise on taste.

Please contact us for more details.


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