Cooked Sausages

A selection of quality cooked gourmet sausages that will add a touch of class to any menu. Designed to suit pub, brasserie and restaurant menus, our gourmet range offers quality assurance for all occasions. Inspired by a return to old British favourites our specialist range of gourmet cooked sausages contain no artificial colours or additives.

Only natural ingredients are used to give you a full natural flavour. Our gourmet range consists of high meat content sausages made form prime selected cuts and feature traditional open textures.

Cooked Cumberland 6's 30 x 70g 2.10kg
Cooked Pork & Leek 6's 30 x 70g 2.10kg
Cooked Lincolnshire 6's 30 x 70g 2.10kg
Cooked Pork & Herb 6's 30 x 70g 2.10kg
Cooked Pork & Sun Dried
Tomato 6's
30 x 70g 2.10kg

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