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Publication: BFFF Online / The Big Kitchen Tap into Emerging Market Opportunity

The Big Kitchen has introduced a new vegetable option to its successful Stay range – an easy and appetising way for caterers to update their menus, meeting the growing demand for more meat-free options while harnessing the market for casual dining.

Available grilled or steamed for a healthy snack option, the Vegetable Satay is a delicious combination of sweetcorn, carrots, peas and red peppers combined with a delicate and authentic mix of herbs and soices, including fragrant turmeric, cumin, ginger, chilli and paprika. Full of flavour, the Satay works well as a starter, light bite or part of a platter, and is sure to be a hit with diners of all ages and tastes.

Recent research suggested that many meat-eating consumers will make a conscious effort to eat less meat when dining out-of-home*. This rise in ‘meat reducers’ – either through health considerations or an increasing wealth of choice – is becoming more commonplace in the modern dining landscape. This presents caterers with an opportunity to meet the growing trend head on and profit from an emerging market.

Jonathan Ashmore, Commercial Director at The Big Kitchen, says:

“A growing number of people are choosing to consume less meat when eating out. Our new Vegetable Satay is a hassle free solution that enables caterers to profit from this emerging demographic of discerning diner.

Pre-cooked for convenience, the authentic Vegetable Satay can be heated in just a few minutes and is delicious served with a traditional peanut sauce or spicy Thai dip – a premium dish, big on flavour.”

*Mintel 2008

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