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Publication: Eat Out / Focus on Poultry

With most pub menus featuring Asian and oriental dishes regularly, poultry works well as a carrier for spicier flavours. The Big Kitchen’s commercial director Jonathan Ashmore says:

“We’re eating out more than ever and pubs are reaping the benefits with the rise of casual dining. Light bites and sharing platters are increasingly being chosen over formal dining and poultry, with it’s wide appeal, versatility and value for money has become the meat of choice for consumers in the recession.

Our precooked chicken satay was developed to bring value to the business and quality to the customer; poultry on menus can be a risky business if it’s not thoroughly cooked and there isn’t an experienced caterer in the kitchen. The use of precooked poultry overcomes these challenges, speeding up operations, reducing waste and consistently delivering great tasting dishes.”

The company supplies fully cooked chicken satay in sweet chilli, tikka and Bali flavours, which need just a few minutes to be heated, and can be served as a light bite, a sharing platter and a main course with accompaniments such as coconut rice and a traditional peanut sauce

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