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Publication: Wholesale News / The Big Kitchen unveils Minted Lamb Kebab

The Big Kitchen has launched a new Minted Lamb Kebab.

The company says its product development team has changed the way the Minted Lamb Kebab is made, resulting in better texture , but keeping the recipe the same.

Jonathan Ashomore, commercial director at The Big Kitchen, said “The Big Kitchen prides itself on being a pro-active company that values feedback from our customers.

Our set-up is such that it allows us to respond quickly and decisively to our customers’ needs. Our enthusiastic team is able to work closely with customers to create high-quality bespoke food products, this is a great example.

By listening to our customer base, The Big Kitchen is able to deliver pre-cooked food that is totally right for your business and target audience.

We are confident that our customers will appreciate the new improved Minted Lamb Kebab.”

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