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Cooked Sausages

2011 Reports & Stories from The Big Kitchen

Publication: Cost Sector Catering / Focus on Oriental Cuisine

Jonathan Ashmore, commercial director at The Big Kitchen, says: “Keeping customers on site is essential for caterers; making it imperative that your menu is representative of and attuned to growing trends in foodservice.

Chicken satay is an oriental staple and can work well across a variety of menus. In addition, it’s speciality nature enables caterers to price their dishes that little bit higher.”

The company’s satay selection combines pre-cooked chicken marinated in authentic herbs with flavours including tikka, Bali and sweet chilli.

There is also a vegetable version combining sweetcorn, carrots, peas and red peppers, tied together with an authentic mix of herbs and speics including tumeric, cumin, ginger, chilli and paprika.

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