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Publication: BFFF / Pre-Cooked Benefits

Jonathan Ashmore from The Big Kitchen agrees that pre-cooked products have so many benefits during Christmas: "Quality pre-cooked products not only speed up preparation time, they also take the pressure off hard-pressed staff and ensure a consistently good eating experience for consumers. Another major bonus of using pre-cooked meat products is that it removes the risk of food poisoning which is always a worry for caterers during busy periods when preparing raw meat in such large volumes."

Its festive range covers everything from pigs in blankets to a festive satay selection which combines chicken marinated in sweet chilli, tikka and Bali flavours.

And no Christmas party buffet is complete without the classic cocktail sausage. Ashmore adds: "Fully cooked, our cocktail sausage offer consistency of quality and taste and can either be served cold or heated in just a few minutes. Caterers can try mixing creme fraiche with grain mustard for a delicious dip to accompany them - or serve them with ketchup for the kids!"

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