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Publication: Fry Monthly / Sausages - Did You Know?

Although it's clear customers are willing to pay more for a premium sausage, marketing is essential to ensure awareness of the quality of your sausage offering, as Jonathan Ashmore, commercial director of The Big Kitchen, explains: "For the majority, fish is often at the forefront of the customer's mind when ordering, but from a frier's perspective the price of ingredients and oil needed to makes sausages a hugely profitable option. Be sure to use point of sale such as wobblers or posters to promote your sausages, and offer customers meal deals by adding a sausage to their order or trade up to a jumbo or battered sausage."

The Big Kitchen's pre-cooked catering sausages use only the highest quality cuts of pork, and a blend of herbs. Available in traditional 6's, 8's and jumbo formats, they come fully cooked and require just a few minutes to be heated before serving.

Jonathan also recommends keeping your offering simple and focusing on the quality and choice available. "A quality pork sausage is all that's needed; two sizes: 6's and a jumbo will keep both children and adults satisfied."

And finally, don't forget your accompaniments as no sausage is completed without a splattering of ketchup, a dollop of mayonnaise or a squirt of brown sauce. "We understand it can be tempting to cut costs, but picking the right sauce brands is key to success.

Did you know? Everyday five million Britons will eat sausages.

Did you know? 88% of sausages are made from pork.

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